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Training courses are an effective way to help teams and organizations learn, grow and align, but they can be time-consuming to design and put together. Whether you deliver training courses online or in-person, 会话选项卡;s车间计划员 可以帮助您节省设计更有效会话的时间。 重用内容 会话之间, 实时协作 与客户和协调者合作,并使用我们的 700多项专家辅导技巧. 立即开始使用免费帐户!

Amy Posey
Amy Posey
Easily reorder the blocks of your session using drag and drop


SessionLab让您了解Session Planner,这是一个非常适合规划定制培训课程的工具。为设计过程节省精力和精力。不要再弄乱电子表格了!

Tracey Benettolo
Marianne Vincent



Reuse and adapt
Real time collaboration

Collaboration made easy​

You and your colleagues can work on the same session at the same time, always having access to the freshest version. An activity log lets you know what has changed while you were away.

Since we have a remote trainer team, it was difficult to discuss agendas in virtual meetings. I also was frustrated with always having to calculate timeframes. It was difficult to change agendas onsite and plan time schedules. SessionLab changed it for the better.​
Martin Haussmann​
Martin Haussmann​
Executive Director, bikablo akademie​

Library of 800+
facilitation methods

Browse among hundreds of expert-reviewed facilitation methods to choose the right ones for your session.


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