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We knew we found the right platform at the moment we could see the same screen, move things around, discuss and create new agendas together. We discovered that the interface helped to organize our thoughts and it made very comfortable working remotely together.
Fernando Murray
Fernando Murray Loureiro
Group Process Designer & Facilitator, Aprendix
I know every program agenda is using our consistent toolkit and it looks good when it gets sent! No messing around with ugly tables, spreadsheets you can't read, or bad copy/paste jobs! I love SessionLab!
Amy Posey
Amy Posey
CEO, PeakTeams

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When I discovered SessionLab it was one of those moments where I thought: finally somebody has taken the effort to create a solution for this!
To conceptualize and schedule a workshop is made so simple, I can now just focus on co-creating the future with my participants.
Chris Doering
Chris Doering
Research Fellow, Fraunhofer

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SessionLab的最大价值在于,通过自动更改程序的时间,可以节省我大量的时间和精力。这 让我有更多的时间和精力来思考我的整个过程和计划最终让我做客户真正付钱让我做的事。
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Verena Köppel
Verena Köppel
Export planner


当你让客户参与设计过程或分享最终议程时,给他们留下深刻印象。 通过允许编辑器或查看器访问您的会话计划来保持控制,只需创建可定制的PDF和Word导出即可。






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